About Us

About Shootable

As a passionate photographer I saw that Belgium has a lot of pro and hobby photographers. I realized there was no specific clothing brand that defines who we are, what our passion is or what we are trying to achieve.

Photographers , Models so become Shootable.
Our brand is not linked to any camera brand or well known photographer and should be seen as fashion and photographers wear. By wearing our quality made in Belgium brand you can show to others a little more.

The idea started in 2017 and it took us 1 year to develop and found the best quality products. Shootable doesn't stand for cheap products made in China. All products are tested, used & abused to be make sure they demand the quality we want to stand for. Shootable stand for quality over quantity.

Feel free to visit us and check our products on events or order them online.
Be yourself , be unique, be Shootable

Kind Regards,
Christophe D. - CEO & Founder of Shootable